scrapbooking material to take on vacation by einfach amarie

my scrap-material for vacations

Jun 17, 2018

all my bags are packed, I am ready to go…almost. In about a week I will be on Iceland for my summer vacation. I am really looking forward to this, as Iceland had been on my travel-wish-list for a little while. As for every vacation, I am doing a travel journal again. And the big […]

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urban sketching in Lisbon in a traveler's notebook by einfach amarie

urban sketching in Lisbon: my traveldori

Apr 22, 2018

It has been a bit more than a year that I had been to Lisbon and started to document my visit in a travel journal. Basis for this journal was my traveldori, which I made shortly before the trip in order to do some urban sketching there. After having been back from Lisbon, my urban […]

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my traveldori & its cover

Mar 25, 2017

Currently, there is a hype around traveler’s notebooks (or faudoris, danidoris etc)…and I also got a crush on them. I am using them for planning my blog, and also for my 52 portraits project. While we have been to Japan on vacation I had bought some leather and the material to make my own cover. Even in […]

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minimalistic travel album

Feb 4, 2017

I guess this is the most minimalist travel album I ever made. That might sound as if I did not like to make…well, I would say it just happened to be like that.     The material was laying around already a little while: I wanted to use a 4×4 album with page protectors and […]

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sweden: watercolor sketched travel journal

Oct 20, 2016

Vacation without travel journal? This wouldn’t work for me…the type could change…I am relatively adventurous…my focus is on documenting, without waiting to much and having the memories fading away already. This year, I wanted to sketch and watercolor….and create the binding at home. Who knows how many pages I do not like and discard… Sketching […]

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my Japan travel journal

Oct 10, 2015

Finally, I finished the travel journal about my vacation in Japan and can show it to you. It’s the 3rd time I am doing a travel journal and one could think I have already a little bit of routine. To some extend I would agree, as I have a list of materials I used and […]

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