how I store my stamps

Jun 3, 2017

A while ago, I was sitting next to Mel on a crop and within the shortest time, an armada of mini albums for her 4×6-sized stamp sets arose. I was so hooked that I totally forgot to take a photo. Back at home I started to create these stamp storage albums as well, as my […]

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scrap stock taking & scrap budget

Dec 31, 2016

You remember Count Count from Sesame Street, right? Recently, you found me counting as him in my scrap corner…not because I was bored, but rather of curiosity: How much scrapbooking material do I actually own? Sometimes I think it is too much, and then I think it is not really that much. What was already […]

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my scrap-corner

Feb 20, 2016

Do you also would love to know how the scrappy place of others looks like? Or how they sort and organize their scrapping material? Especially when I am can’t find anything or when my storage capacity is full, I often ask this question. And of course i am surious to see how other scrappy places […]

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