my last pocket letter

Sep 15, 2016

…in both meanings…the latest I made recently and probably the last pocket letter I ever made….not that I do not like making them or that I do not like the outcome…I just think I had enough….though I only made 6 in total. You can find all of my pocket letters on my blog. This one […]

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x-mas pocket letter

Dec 13, 2015

With this pocket letter, my christmas season started already back in September. I wanted to have something for Frau Bergmolch, as she was picking me up at the airport and took me to the CZDM 4. All details should be reusable, either for her Christmas cards or for her December Daily, in case she is […]

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my way to fuse

Nov 23, 2015

You might have heard about the Fuse already as it has been on the market for already quite a while, at least in the US. Though I am not doing Project Life, I bought one, for pocket letters, that I do not have to buy pocket pages, but also for shaker cards.Haven’t used it so […]

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Felicity Jane paper exchange pocket letter

Nov 13, 2015

It has been a while already that I have created this pocket letter. It belongs to a small adventure, not with jungle and wild animals, more because of the unknown: Felicity Jane was organizing a paper exchange where I participated. My contact person was Katie, and at first I did not know anything about her, […]

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supergirl pocket letter

Aug 29, 2015

Recently, I had shown you the 2nd pocket letter I had made, as my first did not arrive yet. Today, I will show you the 1st one, though I still do not know whether it arrived…according to the tracking number it is still on the way (since 2 months for a distance of less than […]

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travel girl pocket letter

Aug 5, 2015

Actually, this is my 2nd pocket letter, the first disappeared completely….but I still have a bit of hope, that it appears and I can show it here. Back to this pocket letter for Tamara. Last Saturday, I handed it over personally, to avoid another sudden disappearance. When I think about filling a pocket letter, it […]

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