scrapbooking material to take on vacation by einfach amarie

my scrap-material for vacations

Jun 17, 2018

all my bags are packed, I am ready to go…almost. In about a week I will be on Iceland for my summer vacation. I am really looking forward to this, as Iceland had been on my travel-wish-list for a little while. As for every vacation, I am doing a travel journal again. And the big […]

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mini album made of envelopes

mini-album made of envelopes

Jul 8, 2017

This mini took ages to be finished…though a the idea and the material was chosen very fast. Normally, I get stucked in choosing the material. I had posted the 1st work in progress photo from “crop into May” 2016…and the next one from the “zucker crop” in the same year…and now, a year later, it […]

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every day is special

Jun 24, 2017

My working days are relatively monotonous, always the same, that’s what I keep thinking…but what if I have a closer look? Might there be differences? Isn’t there anything what makes them different? Something I can be thankful for or be happy about? Since I had read about the “a day in the life” workshop from […]

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how I store my stamps

Jun 3, 2017

A while ago, I was sitting next to Mel on a crop and within the shortest time, an armada of mini albums for her 4×6-sized stamp sets arose. I was so hooked that I totally forgot to take a photo. Back at home I started to create these stamp storage albums as well, as my […]

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addicted to lists

May 28, 2017

Yes, you could call me like that, as I am a big fan of lists, not only for the weekly grocery shopping. My planner has weekly to-do-lists, then there is one for project ideas, one for birthdays, one for birthday presents…the free my mind and keep memories. I am addicted to lists. Where is the anonymous group […]

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minimalistic travel album

Feb 4, 2017

I guess this is the most minimalist travel album I ever made. That might sound as if I did not like to make…well, I would say it just happened to be like that.     The material was laying around already a little while: I wanted to use a 4×4 album with page protectors and […]

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