thank you, that you are there

Apr 22, 2017

It’s hard to believe….it’s been 2 years now, that my blog went live….2 years! At the beginning, I worried if I would be able to keep up that long…..if it might become a burden. There were times where it was more difficult and others were it was more easy….as you know, our hobby and also blogging takes time. Time, which […]

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my traveldori & its cover

Mar 25, 2017

Currently, there is a hype around traveler’s notebooks (or faudoris, danidoris etc)…and I also got a crush on them. I am using them for planning my blog, and also for my 52 portraits project. While we have been to Japan on vacation I had bought some leather and the material to make my own cover. Even in […]

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scrapbooking stitch template – freebie

Oct 27, 2016

Yes, today I have a freebie for you, which you can use to stitch a bow, a paw, a heart or a diamond onto your cards or layouts. The idea came into my mind while I was looking for a little self-made something for the 2nd Felicity Jane paper exchange. My exchange partner received, among others, […]

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paper ring

Jul 8, 2016

 There was a time where I could not go outside without wearing a ring….and it had to fit to my outfit…we are all a bit crazy sometimes 🙂 During that time, I saw a ring on pinterest which was a stack of paper. Unfortunately, I do not find the link anymore. I wanted to have […]

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scrapping for the garden

May 26, 2016

Yes, you have read properly, scrapping for the garden and not in the garden. Well, it started on our balcony-garden: during a short period of wonderful weather we had recently, I plunged into gardening. Normally, this is J’s territory…luckily, he did not mind my enthusiasm. While going through the seeds we had at home, it […]

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paper lantern

Nov 29, 2015

In case you follow me on instagram, you might have seen that I was at the christmas-workshop of Birgit (papiertapir) and AnnCa (flying fawn). They presented a project which I really liked: a christmas lantern. I love how the light shimmers differently through the embossed vellum. It fits great to 1st advent and the stormy-rainy-weather […]

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