my one little word 2018: less

Jan 13, 2018

Somehow I can’t live without anymore….without a one little word per year. If someone would have told me 10 years ago, that I will have a word per year, I would have tapped my forehead. Why and what for? When I started 4 years ago with a word, I wanted to see what’s in it […]

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astrid lindgren, bullerby, and my love for sweden

Nov 18, 2017

sitting still and reading a book was a nightmare for me. As a child, I hated reading, it just was boring. I was much more into romping around outside. And then, Astrid Lindgren and bullerby (the six bullerby children) appeared in my life…the book was far too thick…a present…I started to read discontentedly and at […]

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girls matter

Feb 24, 2017

I guess you know Malala Yousafzai, maybe not by her full name, but as the girl who was shot by the taliban. And this only because she stood up for girl’s education. Meanwhile, she also received the Nobel Peace Prize for her work.     She already fascinated my at that time when she was […]

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baking and scrapping rolled into one

Sep 29, 2016

yes, that works…at least when you take part in a baking challenge where you are also asked to change the provided baking book. Let me tell you the whole story: In the first place, I just was on a blogger event, the blogger vis-a-vis organized by Emilia, in the bakery of Törtchen Törtchen…and I came […]

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do you know tea-bag?

May 13, 2016

Today, I am writing about a book, not one which I have bound myself, but a novel by Henning Mankell. My first book of him was a crime fiction with Kurt Wallander…what else?! Meanwhile, crime fiction and thrillers are too exciting for me, can’t sleep afterwards. But Henning Mankell has also written other novels, The […]

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easy binding of a small book

Oct 16, 2015

Tomorrow, I will be at a book binding workshop by Paige Evans. I want to learn this “coptic stitch”. For a relatively long time, I had respect for binding a book or booklet…and meanwhile I realized that it is relatively easy…more easy than I thought. At least when you do it without this “magic stitch”. […]

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