I love dot grid paper

Jan 20, 2017

Dot grid is the dotted pattern on paper, where the dots are on the intersections of the lines on graph or quad paper. I love this pattern, on graph paper, the lines are too prominent for me, and on ruled paper, I miss the vertical. My one little word 2016 documentation was done in a dot […]

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self-made notepad

Apr 8, 2016

At the beginning of this year, I committed myself on instragram to pleasure someone…well, committed is not the right word, pleasuring someone it not a duty to me, I enjoy it. among my friends, there are only little who like self-made stuff. It is really ok, that they do not like it, I nevertheless like […]

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coptic stitch book-binding with Paige

Oct 23, 2015

Do you know those wonderful books from Paige Taylor Evans where she uses the coptic stitch and decorates it with embellishments? I love them and was so happy about a place in her workshop in order to learn how to make them. Normally, I try to learn things by myself with the help of the […]

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easy binding of a small book

Oct 16, 2015

Tomorrow, I will be at a book binding workshop by Paige Evans. I want to learn this “coptic stitch”. For a relatively long time, I had respect for binding a book or booklet…and meanwhile I realized that it is relatively easy…more easy than I thought. At least when you do it without this “magic stitch”. […]

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book-binding of my note-book

May 22, 2015

When I started to think and plan about details of a…well…my blog, I wrote down the ideas and data on several sheets of paper. With the increasing amount of sheets it was obvious that I need some sort of ordered format for them. Didn’t I have somewhere a book-binding set, which I bought a while […]

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