einfach amarie one little word visionboard detail

one little word: visionboard ,less’

Feb 18, 2018

One of my favorit tasks of the one little word prompts is the vision board. It is about creating a collage related to the the word of the year. You start with collecting bits and pieces from magazines, which speak you or which are related to your word. It doesn’t matter if these bits and […]

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detail of a scrapbooking layout by einfach amarie

minimalistic scrapbooking layout with many photos

Jan 27, 2018

Didn’t I just say less is more?!  That also counts for this scrapbooking layout, besides the number of photos 🙂 I had already made a scrapbooking layout with some layering about this trip.  My goal was that they are harmonizing with each other. The inspiration for this scrapbooking layout came through the online-class „design studio“ […]

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my one little word 2018: less

Jan 13, 2018

Somehow I can’t live without anymore….without a one little word per year. If someone would have told me 10 years ago, that I will have a word per year, I would have tapped my forehead. Why and what for? When I started 4 years ago with a word, I wanted to see what’s in it […]

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it's beginning to look a lot like christmas scrapbooking layout detail of einfach amarie

looking a lot like christmas: scrapbooking layout

Dec 25, 2017

Isn’t this reindeer head with the christmas decor in his antlers awesome? I had seen this cut files by Paige and new immediately that I want to scrap it. And I also found a suitable photo relatively fast: we can see the wonderful christmas lighting on the roof top balcony of our neighbors across the street. […]

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scrapbooking layout: 3 different photos

Dec 16, 2017

Since about a year, I have several scrapbooking online classes which I slowly work through. That might sound a bit negative, but isn’t meant to. I want to work through them, otherwise I wouldn’t have bought them 🙂 I just have a bit more workshops than time. One doesn’t have to finish a workshop fast […]

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help, I don’t like my scrapbooking layout anymore

Dec 3, 2017

when flipping through my albums, I sometimes see scrapbooking layouts I do not like anymore…even more, I find very ugly. Still, I could not throw it away either…at least I thought I couldn’t when I found it. That was around the time when I heard that Suse Fish often takes off her layouts and recycles […]

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