scrapbooking stitch template – freebie

Oct 27, 2016

Yes, today I have a freebie for you, which you can use to stitch a bow, a paw, a heart or a diamond onto your cards or layouts. The idea came into my mind while I was looking for a little self-made something for the 2nd Felicity Jane paper exchange. My exchange partner received, among others, […]

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sweden: watercolor sketched travel journal

Oct 20, 2016

Vacation without travel journal? This wouldn’t work for me…the type could change…I am relatively adventurous…my focus is on documenting, without waiting to much and having the memories fading away already. This year, I wanted to sketch and watercolor….and create the binding at home. Who knows how many pages I do not like and discard… Sketching […]

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having a crush on Suse Fish

Oct 13, 2016

At least somehow…I love her layouts…and since a little while I also own a layout which she created…yes, like a real fan…it’s just not a signed autograph card or fan merchandise…but a layout…crazy…at least a bit…for what reason does someone have a layout from a stranger? Originally, I wanted to take part in her quiz […]

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scrapbooking layout – never ending paper moving

Oct 6, 2016

Many patterned paper on layouts from others often look so wonderful and harmonic. When I try to use several on a layout I find it very difficult…each pattern should be visible, but shouldn’t take away from the beauty of the others or irritate the complete setup. Hence, again I was moving around 4 paper and […]

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