my planner and I

Jul 27, 2016

I could have titled this post also “the science to choose the right planner and being confident with it”….I also got hit by this hype about planners, but it took a little while until I bought one…until recently I did bullet journals in traveller’s notebooks and transferred regularily some information into the new journal. This […]

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Jot moodboard challenge: ice cream market layout

Jul 21, 2016

Moodboards, I love them…these mini-collections of a few photos, which are different but still fit together in a hamonic way and where you find so many nice details when you have a closer look. The more it is surprising that I just realized the Jot magazine moodboard challenges…and they already exist since June 2013. I […]

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scrapbooking layout – birthday with cake

Jul 15, 2016

I am sure, you know this situation: when having seen that patterned paper, I immediately  had an idea in my mind and I had to shop it….there was no way around. And due to the lack of time, it took a little while until the layout was finished.   When I was a child birthday […]

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paper ring

Jul 8, 2016

 There was a time where I could not go outside without wearing a ring….and it had to fit to my outfit…we are all a bit crazy sometimes 🙂 During that time, I saw a ring on pinterest which was a stack of paper. Unfortunately, I do not find the link anymore. I wanted to have […]

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