scrapping for the garden

May 26, 2016

Yes, you have read properly, scrapping for the garden and not in the garden. Well, it started on our balcony-garden: during a short period of wonderful weather we had recently, I plunged into gardening. Normally, this is J’s territory…luckily, he did not mind my enthusiasm. While going through the seeds we had at home, it […]

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1 day, 4 layouts & 3 cards

May 20, 2016

..those who know me, know that the header can’t be right….em…I am more the slow scrapper..but why then this title? Recently, there was the (inter)National Scrapbooking Day (NSD); national in the USA, but as shops and scrappers all over the world take place it is more international. This year, I was relatively active…all those projects […]

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do you know tea-bag?

May 13, 2016

Today, I am writing about a book, not one which I have bound myself, but a novel by Henning Mankell. My first book of him was a crime fiction with Kurt Wallander…what else?! Meanwhile, crime fiction and thrillers are too exciting for me, can’t sleep afterwards. But Henning Mankell has also written other novels, The […]

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crop into may

May 8, 2016

Last weekend was so wonderful…together with other crazy scrappy girls, I was in Quickborn (close to Hamburg, Germany) on Mel’s Crop into May. The evening before May 1st is normally for dancing and partying, it’s called “dance into May”…my party was a bit different this time….honestly, I rarely do it nowadays. Back to the crop….on […]

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