scrapbooking layout: starting MS-DOS

Apr 29, 2016

Do you remember, when you were sitting in front of a computer for the very first time? For me, it was fascinating and exciting, but after a little while, I didn’t like it that much…too complicated…too boring…there were a few games I liked, but not more. If someone would have told me, that I would […]

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365+ days of blogging

Apr 24, 2016

Hard to believe, but I am blogging since a year now…regularily…and more often than I thought at the beginning. Didn’t expect that I would like it that much….ok, sometimes I also do not like it, when something is not working as I want or when it strikes completely. Luckily, this is only sometimes. And of […]

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scrapbooking layout of the crop in the wineyards

Apr 16, 2016

Last weekend I was, together with Nicole at Tamara‘s place for the crop in wine yards. Both times we had spent a wonderful creative day together. This layout is with the photo from last year….this year’s photo is waiting on my desk to be scrapped. Funnily enough, we were sitting in the same order as last […]

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self-made notepad

Apr 8, 2016

At the beginning of this year, I committed myself on instragram to pleasure someone…well, committed is not the right word, pleasuring someone it not a duty to me, I enjoy it. among my friends, there are only little who like self-made stuff. It is really ok, that they do not like it, I nevertheless like […]

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dani peuss april kit – guest designer

Apr 1, 2016

…and then I danced though the office…Reni from the Dani Peuss team made my da, when she asked my a little while ago if I would like to be guest designer for the Dani Peuss Aprilkit. Yes, please! I am so happy about it.  My office mate was a bit confused as I normally sit […]

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