good-bye 2015

Dec 28, 2015

It has been an eternity that I have scrapped a layout.Thanks to the holidays I was able to scrap again. It is so wonderful having almost the whole day and letting the creativity flow. Of course, there was a bit of cooking and time with my hubby. Luckily he is als creative in his leisure […]

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christmassy brush scripting

Dec 24, 2015

Here in Germany, we celebrate Christmas on December 24th in the evening. Hence, today is the big day and I am almost on my way to prepare the food. Looking forward to a calm and delicious evening with a few presents under the christmas tree. That’s how I like christmas. Before that, I am going […]

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christmas cards

Dec 20, 2015

I am a bit late this year…but better late than never :-)…my X-mas cards are finished and most of them are also written and sent. This year, I had some difficulties with my x-mas cards…I did not want to buy that much material and use up my stash. The resulate are some different unique copies […]

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x-mas pocket letter

Dec 13, 2015

With this pocket letter, my christmas season started already back in September. I wanted to have something for Frau Bergmolch, as she was picking me up at the airport and took me to the CZDM 4. All details should be reusable, either for her Christmas cards or for her December Daily, in case she is […]

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gift bag for secret st. nicholas

Dec 6, 2015

Here in Germany we celebrate St. Nicholas on December 6th. Good children get something from St. Nicholas, a little present, nuts, apples, and mandarins and bad children get the birch from Servant Rupert….in my whole life, Servant Rupert never was active, he was only used to make children behave good. I took part in the […]

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how to use a brush pen?

Dec 4, 2015

I take part in a shared advent calender organized in the Dani Peuss forum. Today is the day of my tiny parcel and inside was a brush pen. During my vacation in Japan I bought several different and tested them to figure out with which I get nice results. Among those was also that one […]

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