paper lantern

Nov 29, 2015

In case you follow me on instagram, you might have seen that I was at the christmas-workshop of Birgit (papiertapir) and AnnCa (flying fawn). They presented a project which I really liked: a christmas lantern. I love how the light shimmers differently through the embossed vellum. It fits great to 1st advent and the stormy-rainy-weather […]

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my way to fuse

Nov 23, 2015

You might have heard about the Fuse already as it has been on the market for already quite a while, at least in the US. Though I am not doing Project Life, I bought one, for pocket letters, that I do not have to buy pocket pages, but also for shaker cards.Haven’t used it so […]

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shared shopping: neat & tangled

Nov 18, 2015

It happens relatively often to me, that I see some wonderful scrap material which is only available in the US. With an order there, in case the shop ships to overseas, I end up with large shipping costs, sometimes the need to go to the customs, and also pay custom fees. This fact often ends […]

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Felicity Jane paper exchange pocket letter

Nov 13, 2015

It has been a while already that I have created this pocket letter. It belongs to a small adventure, not with jungle and wild animals, more because of the unknown: Felicity Jane was organizing a paper exchange where I participated. My contact person was Katie, and at first I did not know anything about her, […]

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playing cat: scrapbooking layout

Nov 6, 2015

We do have a “vacation-cat”…sounds strange but is a perfect win-win-situation: My colleague can go on vacation and we have her cat Lotta. For us, this is great as we can enjoy having a cat without having the vacation issues. Isn’t that great? Lotta is relatively young (born at the end of 2012), loves boxes […]

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