sewed bag scrapbooking layout

Oct 29, 2015

Didn’t show you a layout for a while, right? Last year, there was some time where I luckily had Mondays off…and this time I used for sewing a bag. The fabric was already bought during my summer vacation in 2012. And I also knew, that I wanted to sew the bag from this easy DIY […]

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coptic stitch book-binding with Paige

Oct 23, 2015

Do you know those wonderful books from Paige Taylor Evans where she uses the coptic stitch and decorates it with embellishments? I love them and was so happy about a place in her workshop in order to learn how to make them. Normally, I try to learn things by myself with the help of the […]

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easy binding of a small book

Oct 16, 2015

Tomorrow, I will be at a book binding workshop by Paige Evans. I want to learn this “coptic stitch”. For a relatively long time, I had respect for binding a book or booklet…and meanwhile I realized that it is relatively easy…more easy than I thought. At least when you do it without this “magic stitch”. […]

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my Japan travel journal

Oct 10, 2015

Finally, I finished the travel journal about my vacation in Japan and can show it to you. It’s the 3rd time I am doing a travel journal and one could think I have already a little bit of routine. To some extend I would agree, as I have a list of materials I used and […]

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how was the retreat “crop zwischen den meeren 4”

Oct 3, 2015

Just  a week ago I have been to the “Crop zwischen den Meeren”  (CZDM)(~ crop in between the seas). This time, I was in the luxury situation, that Frau Bergmolch picked me up at the airport and I just needed 2.5h for a distance of 470 km (~ 290 miles). Thanks a million again for […]

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